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Elevate Your Menu with Premium, Easy-to-Prepare Smoothies 

Consistently Delicious, Naturally Crafted Smoothies - Perfect Anywhere in the World


Maximise Efficiency & Profitability

Hassle-Free Solution for Baristas

As effortless as a classic frappe. Boost your service speed without compromising on quality, making every smoothie a masterpiece of efficiency.

Consistency Across the Globe

Our smoothies guarantee a consistent, delightful experience for your customers, ensuring they get the same quality and taste product in all your locations.

Compact and Nature Friendly

Our compact smoothie mixes match the space efficiency of 1kg of coffee beans while serving up to 50 delicious portions. With a year-long shelf life, FiveReasons smoothies are not just space-savvy but also a step towards a greener future.

Quick and easy to prepare

1. Add Liquid and Ice

Fill up a cup with ice, level the top
Pour water over ice to 1cm below the top 

2. Select and Pour
Transfer contents into a blender jug 

Add FiveReasons smoothie of your choice


3. Blend to Perfection 
Secure the blender lid and blend until smooth

Join Our Growing Community

“FiveReasons has been a game-changer for our coffee chain, allowing us to maximize our limited space efficiently. Their smoothies are not only quick and easy to prepare but also really delicious!”

Ugis Pinete, Owner of "Coffee Stop"


Made with Quality and Care

Our products are made from natural freeze-dried berries, fruits, and vegetables. No preservatives, no added sugar, no additives, all natural from fruits and vegetables.


We use freeze-drying technology to keep 98% of the nutrients and vitamins intact. Each FiveReasons smoothie contains 250g equivalent of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Our in-house production facility helps us maintain high-quality standards.

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Let's Talk Smoothies!

Join the growing community of restaurant and coffee chains that make smoothies the smart way

100% fruit and veggies 

No additives, all natural freeze-dried smoothies

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