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Boost Your Business with Delicious Smoothies!

Are you a café, coffee shop, bar or restaurant looking to take your menu to the next level and captivate your customers with irresistible offerings? At FiveReasons, we have the secret ingredient for success - mouthwatering instant-smoothies mixes made from our premium freeze-dried natural ingredients. Produced at our own production facility with the highest quality and care.


Easy Preparation

Preparing a FiveReasons Smoothie is easy and convenient. We have removed only water, preserving the natural flavour and quality. One portion equals to 200-300g of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

To prepare a FiveReasons smoothie, you will need 200 ml. of apple juice, 4-5 ice cubes, 1/2 banana and the FiveReasons Smoothie Mixture. 

  1. Fill the blender with all the above ingredients

  2. Blend the mixture for 30-60 seconds until a smooth consistency is achieved

  3. Pour the smoothie into a serving glass and service to the customer


Made with quality and care

FiveReasons is a food production company that makes easy-to-prepare smoothies for cafes, bars, and restaurants. Our products are made from natural freeze-dried berries, fruits, and vegetables. No preservatives, no added sugar, no additives, all natural from fruits and vegetables.


We use freeze-drying technology to keep 98% of the nutrients and vitamins intact. Each FiveReasons smoothie contains 250g equivalent of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Our in-house production facility helps us maintain high-quality standards.

Why add Smoothies to your menu?



Enhance Customer Experience

Elevate your customers' dining experience with our delightful smoothies. Whether it's a refreshing fruit smoothie for brunch, a healthy veggie-packed blend for lunch, or a decadent berry-infused treat for dessert, our freeze-dried smoothie mixes offer endless possibilities.


Boost Revenue

Smoothies are not just drinks; they're revenue generators. By adding smoothies to your menu, you open up new avenues for profit. They're perfect for all-day sales, catering to health-conscious individuals and flavor enthusiasts alike.


Easy to Prepare

Our freeze-dried powders are designed with your convenience in mind. Simply blend with your choice of liquid, and voilà! You have a delicious, nutritious smoothie ready to serve in seconds.

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